What Capabilities ShangHong Metals Have

Die casting, Metal stamping, Metal spinning, Metal tooling, CNC machining

Our capabilities

ShangHong Metals has the equipment and resources to manufacture a multitude of die casting parts, metal fabrication and stamping parts, metal spinning parts and aluminum extrusion to your exact specifications, including the following:

   - Die casting: 1600T,1250T,800T, 630T, 400T,280T, 180T die casting machines

   - Metal fabrication / stamping/punching:100T punching machine, ≥50T punching machine, <50T punching machine, CNC punching, CNC bending, Tap machine, Squeeze riveter, Spin riveting machine, Tapping machine, Bending/Shearing machines.

   - CNC Machining: CNC machine, Numerical‐controlled Lathe, Multi‐holes drilling & tapping machines, Tapping machines, Drilling machines, Lathes horizontal, Drilling‐machines, multi‐spindle, Milling machines, Extrusion Cutting Machine

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