Industries We Serve

Die casting, Metal stamping, Metal spinning, Metal tooling, CNC machining

Industries we serve

Shang Hong provides metal casting, metal stamping, metal extrusion and metal spinning services for industrial parts in many of today’s leading markets. We strive to help customers deliver products that can exceed quality demands. As a leading metal casting, metal extrusion and metal stamping manufacturer, we serve diverse industries, including:

01. Commercial and Industrial Equipment: Aluminum die casting, metal stamping, metal extrusion, metal spinning, cnc machining and mold making services for connecting rods, heat sinks, bearing housings and many more customized parts.

·    02. Electrical: Metal casting, metal stamping, metal extrusion, cnc machining and mold making manufacturer for various electrical housings covering everything from LED modules to cell tower equipment.

·    03.  Lighting: aluminum die casting parts for grow light of hoticulture, ballast, aluminum die casting for stage/professional LED lighting housing, metal spinning for lighting reflector, metal extrusion for heat sink, metal stamping for lighting handles and other light products.

·    04. Meters: Aluminum die casting services for electric, gas, parking, water and other meters.

·    05. Recreational Vehicles: Parts developed through vacuum aluminum die casting for recreational vehicles, plus lawn and garden tractors etc.

06. Small Engines: Aluminum die casting engine parts and accessories.


·    07. Vehicle Parts: Die casting truck parts and systems from gladhands & cylinders to transfer cases etc.

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