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About ShangHong Metals

Die casting, Metal stamping, Metal spinning, CNC machining, Metal tooling

Our company

Since opening our doors in 2004, ShangHong Metals has become an widely recognized manufacturing force specializing in metal casting, metal stamping, metal spinning, metal extrusion, CNC machining and mold making. Armed with a talented management team and an innovative group of metal casting, metal stamping and metal extrusion engineers that’s ready for any challenge, ShangHong Metals has become the manufacturing solution for an exceedingly diverse group of clients. In addition to metal parts producing, we also bring in a full line of high bay lighting finished products for industrial use.

Our equipment contains almost all metal casting, metal stamping and metal spinning engineering, designing and development needs your company may require.
With more than 10 years of metal casting, metal stamping, metal extrusion and metal spinning experiences, an unmatched commitment to manufacturing excellence and a portfolio of services that has expanded to meet the growing demands of the globally competitive economy, you can rely on us that ShangHong Metals is fully equipped to meet your manufacturing requirements.

Our Standard

We persue the principle of conduct "DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME".

Achieving our Mission will be a direct result of our Company’s Quality Improvement Culture. The product of each individual employee’s attitudes and conduct is our culture. Each employee is obligated to:

  1. Manufacture products to established requirments, or cause the requirements to officially change.
  2. Be responsible for defect elimination in all we do.
  3. Know the authorized written procedures for their job.
  4. Not knowingly pass on defective work to our internal or external customers.
  5. Be responsible for delivering our work on time.
  6. Actively participate in training to support quality improvement in our products, processes, and services.
Our Mission 

ShangHong Metals will be one of the leaders in metal casting, metal stamping metal extrusion and metal spinning markets and generate a return on capital commensurate with its leadership position by supplying high quality metal casting, metal stamping, metal extrusion and metal spinning products and services that utilize state of the art technologies:

01. We strive to be a reliable and responsive supplier of cost effective and quality metal casting、metal stamping、metal extrusion and metal spinning products to our customers.
02. We strive to establish and provide a motivating, safe and rewarding environment for our Employees.
03. We strive to be recognized as a professionally managed Engineered Services and metal casting, metal stamping, metal extrusion and metal spinning facility.
04. We strive to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our Suppliers.
05. We strive to contribute to the improvement of our technical, business and public Communities.

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What we can do for you                                                                          Industry served
- Metal casting                                                                                         - Lighting products
- Metal stamping                                                                                   - Electrical proudcts
- Metal spinning                                                                                    -
Medical devices and products
- CNC machining                                                                                   - Commercial and Industrial Equipment
- Tooling                                                                                              - 
Meters/recreational vehicles
- Various surface finish solution                                                                - Small engines
                                                                                                           - Vehicle parts